Notes on supporting conference speakers

When I joined the team of co-organizers for satRday Chicago, Chicago supeRlady Angela Li tasked me with managing all-things speaker. This set me reflecting on the best and worst of my own speaker experiences and I began to list out highs and lows I’d experienced. When I solicited feedback and more ideas on Twitter, the topic seemed to strike a chord: Inspired by @earino 's great GitHub on how to host a good panel, I started making some notes on how to create a good experience for speakers at satRdays Chicago [Read More]

Notes on preparing a tech talk

As part of co-organizing satRday Chicago, we wanted to offer a mentorship program for first-time speakers. To avoid totally putting the onus on our volunteer mentors, it seemed like it might be useful to break down the steps of writing and preparing for a tech talk into more modular stages where one can seek help. To that end, I wrote up the following advice to share with our speakers. [Read More]